Silicon Slopes 2023 Hall of Fame and Awards

Applications Due March 1st

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Does your company have what it takes to be the best in Utah? Are you a legend in your field? Fill out an application for your chance to be honored as a changemaker in Utah.
Cost to Apply: $295
If you or your organization plans to apply for 3+ awards, please contact us directly for bulk pricing:


Do you know someone who is an absolute expert in their field or a company who is dominating their industry? Recommend them to apply for an award!
Cost to Recommend: $0
Once you've recommended someone, the recommendee will receive an email inviting them to apply for the award.

Award Categories

Individual Award Finalists

Similar roles and functions should still apply (ie. COO = Director of Operations)

Company Award Finalists

Why Apply

Brand Exposure

Be seen, evaluated, and featured as a finalist on Silicon Slopes newsroom posts and pre-gala shout outs.


Appear in the Hall of Fame & Awards Gala program, on the Silicon Slopes website, on social media, in the Silicon Slopes Newsroom, and in front of peers and colleagues at the Awards Gala.

Press Opportunities

Speaking engagement consideration on Silicon Slopes media outlets including events, podcasts, and newsroom articles.

Awards Gala

Celebrate your team’s success at the hottest business celebration of the year.

Brand Credibility

Gain the Silicon Slopes stamp of approval for being a stand-out in your field; you will receive a backlink on the finalist page and pre-gala mentions.


Winners get on-stage recognition and a killer, unique trophy.

Break News

Tell your organization’s story to the world and highlight the success of teams within your organization.

Community Support

A portion of all applications goes directly into the ongoing support and development of the next generation of Silicon Slopes startups.


Can a company or individual win two years in a row?

Past winners are eligible to win an award in a different category than the one they won in the previous year. However, a company or an individual cannot win the same award two years in a row.

What is the judging process like?

The Hall of Fame & Awards selection committee, consisting of Silicon Slopes chapter leaders, personnel, and community leaders, goes through a rigorous process via criteria within the rubric to select finalists. Finalists are interviewed and a winner is ultimately selected by independent judging panels, again consisting of members of the selection committee with the addition of industry experts.

What is the subject matter of the judging rubric?

The judging rubric is heavily based on the questions asked in each application. Finalists are determined based on their responses to the application questions in relation to their performance in the year 2023. Additionally, winners are selected using the same rubric as well as a deep dive discussion that accounts for all responses, documented accomplishments, and a review of finalist interviews.

Where is the event?


What is the event programming?


What is the dress code?

The Hall of Fame & Awards Gala is a black tie and sneakers event designed to celebrate Utah business and one another. And what better way to do this than to gather and dress up. “What is black tie and sneakers?” you ask. Well, it's a dress code that encourages all to embrace self expression with two important characteristics in mind: 1) wear your best or favorite pair of sneakers, and 2) channel your interpretation of “dressing to the nines” and show up with confidence, no more questions asked.

What is parking like at the event?



Join us in celebration of the best companies and leaders in Utah. Launched in 1999 by the Utah Technology Council, this event recognizes pioneers shaping Utah and Silicon Slopes' success. Your sponsorship supports this celebration and highlights outstanding contributions in the tech community.